The monkey sighed and took out three small transparent bottles from his arms, each with the size of a finger. "This is my own refined baby called Wanyun bottle, which can hold all things in the world. The crystal and weak water are the aura of heaven and earth. The energy of Zhong Yuan was originally moved by human power. You can take them out by putting them in this bottle."

Little smile happily took it and said, "What?"
The monkey said, "Drop a drop of blood into each of the three bottles, and this Wan Yun bottle will recognize the Lord."
I’m a little depressed. "Why is it dripping blood every time?"
"You’re so ungrateful." The monkey’s tone is not so gentle because he has been exploited. "Because you are the initiator, you can only drop blood to have an effect. If someone else wants to drop blood, they haven’t had a chance yet."
Seeing that the monkey was angry, he didn’t talk much. He pricked his finger and dropped a drop of blood into each of the three bottles, and he felt that the bottles flashed a burst of smoke. Suddenly, his heart moved and he established metaphysical telepathy with the three Wan Yun bottles.
The monkey raised his finger with a stroke, and the black jade crystal was immediately marked with a fist-sized piece and bounced from the ground. Carefully, the black jade crystal was reduced by more than ten times, and "sou" flew in from the bottle mouth to fill the bottle.
"Can’t you pack a few more pieces?" Trail "this is too little."
"Young man, you are too greedy," the monkey sighed. "This ink crystal is the aura of heaven and earth, and the energy of Zhong Yuan is the highest level in this collapsed world. I don’t know what terrible power it contains with this fist-sized piece. If I come to hold ordinary objects, I can hold two or three even at the peak of 10,000 meters, but I can hold this ink crystal at most."
"All right, all right," a small bottle of "have some weak water."
The monkey’s expression is a little hesitant. You should know that this high platform is called the "Heaven and Earth Reincarnation Platform", which is the most important step in the ceremony of heaven and earth. Every piece of ink crystal and every ladle of weak water in this platform are calculated with the most precision, and a little more or less may make the ceremony deviate.
Everything is absolutely not allowed to change when you come to this machine, but Yan Xiao happened to be greedy at this time. The monkey was forced to meet his requirements, and it was really unclear what consequences would happen.
"Should be … not a big problem …" Monkey gritted his teeth and held out his hand again to make a stroke to condense a mass of weak water and pour it into Wan Yun bottle.
"There’s another bottle …" A little embarrassed to hand over the third bottle and be slapped back by the monkey. "Don’t be greedy. This bottle is also a treasure. You can keep most of the substances by charging it."
"Oh, that’s good." Little cheeky smiled. "I’ll lose. Admit it."
When Xiao put away the bottle, the monkey can finally perform the ceremony. He grabbed his arm with one hand and put it in his mouth with the other. Drink and suck! "They will see small umbilical three inches slowly pulled out a red blood fog blood fog condensed into a red line by monkey income palm.
The monkey’s palm spread no less than three drops of blood just condensed. The monkey rolled around in the forehand palm and spilled the three drops of blood into the weak water with awe. "The ceremony of heaven and earth is now on!"
As soon as the words are finished, the weak water suddenly boils like boiling water!
A burst of high fever rose from the pool, and everyone seemed to be in a stove. They all stepped back a few steps and listened to the monkey shout, "The Creator accepts taxiing!"
The heavenly demon was taken aback. The monkey looked up and said to her, "Jump in!"
Everyone was shocked. At this time, the water temperature was at least several Baidu. If the demon jumped in, I’m afraid it would have been cooked at that time. What’s worse, this pool is not ordinary water, but molten gold can weaken the water.
Although the heavenly demon has a desire at the moment, it is also very difficult for her to jump in actively. She took a step forward and stepped back. "I … I’m a little scared."
The monkey’s eyebrows jumped. "You don’t want to ruin something at the key moment!"
Day demon a grind turned to NingQing way "you push me"
The monkey grabbed Ning Qing’s wrist. "The ceremony must be voluntary. To be a creator, you must jump and take the initiative to accept taxiing."
The demon took a long breath and sank, "Well, I’ll go by myself."
The so-called "generosity is easier to die than to die" is difficult. The word "initiative" is really a tough generation. She gritted her teeth and sweated on her forehead but walked step by step to the water’s edge.
"Meow!" The rogue cat screamed and jumped into the demon’s arms. It turned out to be taxiing with her.
The monkey leng leng suddenly laughed. "It’s better that the creators of all previous dynasties are lonely until this generation finally has a companion."
Everyone knew that the demon must have this time, but at the moment, I still felt a thrill in my heart and closed my eyes together.
Just listen to the "wave" coming from the ear. The monkey heaved a long breath and said, "Now it’s time for you to leave here."
When everyone opened their eyes, there was no sign of the demon in front of them, but the weak water in the pool churned even harder. "Master, has she … has she jumped?"
The monkey nodded and said, "Yes, she has taken a step in taxiing. It’s my turn."
Ning Qing was startled. "You want to jump, too?"
"Of course," the monkey stood in awe. "Everything in heaven and earth is silent. After I send you out, I will take shape. When you come in again, it will be a new world. Everything you see today has become empty."
Although everyone looked at each other, I saw it with my own eyes, but when I think about the rebirth of heaven and earth, I feel that my heart is surging, and this rebirth was actually caused by myself, and the sense of accomplishment is even greater than words.


"Listen to me, be an ordinary person and find a place where no one can find you." Linghuzi said.

Molin shook his head. "There is no place to hide from them."
"I heard that fishermen in the East China Sea said that there was a western country on the other side of the sea, where people were blond and blue-eyed, and you could float to the sea and go out to live in seclusion."
Molin smiled wryly. "Do you really want me to go overseas so much? Do you never want to see me again in your life?"
Linghuzi nodded firmly. "Yes, I hope you will go far to a place where no one can find you. Although I can’t see you, I know in my heart that you are safe and happy, which is enough."
Mo Lin moved in his heart. He knew that Linghu Zi was his. A warm feeling flooded his heart. Mo Lin held out his hand to catch Linghu Zi’s hand.
"Why are your hands so cold?" Mo Lin realized that Linghu Zi’s hands were cold as a piece of ice. He started to shine slightly, and the palm of his hand gave off a slight red and warm light, so that the two hands were caged to warm Linghu Zi’s hands.
"Because I’m afraid …" Linghu Zi sighed for a long time, leaned closer to Mo Lin and put his head on his shoulder. His body also shrank into Mo Lin’s arms and whispered, "Hold me tight."
"What are you afraid of?" Ink Lin Zhang arms will make the fox purple hug soft ask
"I want you to stay away from me, and I’m afraid I’ll never see you again. I heard that your hands are cold every day after you fell off the cliff, and I don’t know what happened." Linghu’s breath is as refreshing as a orchid in the dark.
"Don’t worry, I won’t die and I won’t be knocked down." Mo Lin comforted her with a soft jade and a warm fragrance, so that he couldn’t help but put his lips close to Linghu Zi’s cheek. The hot air in his mouth seemed to melt people, and Linghu Zi’s body was soft and there was no half strength.
"Really?" Linghu purple weak asked Molin’s arms that her body was getting hot.
Two people’s feelings have always been dark, but they are still one step away from saying that they are lovers, but they are full of ambiguity. When Molin smells the fragrance of Hu Ling’s purple hair, she can’t help but gently kiss her like a jade neck.
Linghuzi felt a quiver as if she had been struck by lightning, and her body was softer and hotter than Molin’s, but the kiss stopped. Suddenly, a shadow of Los Sandy appeared in his mind.
"Will Sandy miss me as much as A Zi?" Thinking of Luo Sandy Molin’s death, he couldn’t help but loosen his arms slightly with Linghu purple.
"What’s the matter?" Hu Ling purple feminine raised her head and her eyes blurred. Molin was dead, but suddenly she saw her again. The ups and downs of her emotions made the whole person more emotional.
"I think of Sandy." Molin hesitated and finally spoke his mind. He didn’t want to cheat Linghu Zi. The most important position in his heart was still reserved for Luo Sandy. He liked Linghu Zi very much, but he always made the last step. He couldn’t beat the principle in his heart.
Linghu Zi’s indifference and low head expression reveals a trace of tenderness. Although Molin has experienced several twists and turns, it is still the simple young man. Although there is some slight loss in her heart, Linghu Zi’s competitive spirit is passionate and there is an impulse to fight with Los Sandy.
"Los Sandy is not your childhood friends? I’m determined to take you away from her. "Since I was a child, I have never lost my strength. Linghu Zi has always been as strong as a boy until I met Mo Lin, just like I met an enemy in this life. I don’t know why he became weak before him.
However, Mo Lin’s words made her suddenly wake up, almost instantly, and Linghu Zi returned to the firm and wise girl she used to be. She almost indulged in Mo Lin’s arms and lost herself.
"I’m going to grab you." Linghu’s purple face flashed a smile, and instead of being unhappy, she was eager to try.
Mo Lin saw that Linghu’s purple face changed repeatedly, and she was lonely for a while, but she smiled a little. Where did I know that a woman’s mind was like a submarine needle, and she turned several turns in such a short time?
He also made Hu Zi feel a little sad. He was trying to comfort her when he saw her seriously raise her head and said, "Well, since you won’t hide, forget it, but I want to know where you gave me your sword at any time."
Ink Lin don’t understand but still according to the words will waist red soul solution.
Ling Huzi took the blade of the red soul finger and brushed it lightly, exclaiming, "You can cast such a sword after learning fifteen strokes of sword casting. It seems that you are really talented in casting."
"If these things didn’t happen, I should be able to become a good engineer," Mo Lin said with a little regret.
Linghu Ziwei smiled, her wrist shook, and her green snake whip swam out slowly, winding the red soul blade along her arm.
"What is this to do?" Ink Lin strange to ask
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
The red red soul blade is entangled with the green green snake whip, and the green snake whip flashes slightly. The red soul seems to be induced by something, and the red blood blade and the black ink on the face are also flashing slightly.


But look at that speed. Maybe he’s the real me. Piaoxiang thought to himself.

On second thoughts, I thought, hehe, what’s the fart of speed? Strength and ability are the keys.
Before the Lord of the black domain and the smoke clan drifting in Hunan, the tiger is still a face of banter and crooked mouth, and a pair of slender eyes are radiant with sly light.
"Black domain Lord, what are you doing here? Isn’t it just that the ghosts are afraid that they will find miracles? " Hong Hua Dou Tai said with a twist of his head, and spit out the twig in his mouth. It was loud, and he was not afraid that the black domain owner would have an idea. "The ghost clan red dagger and the Xiahou Chaojun class will definitely look for the miracle place, so we will keep the miracle nearby. Isn’t everything all right?"
The Lord of the Black Domain nodded and hesitated for a low time, saying, "But the Lord of the Domain doesn’t know the miracle …"
"I know," Hong Hua Dou Tai said unexpectedly.
"Ah?" The dark Lord was taken aback and unbelievable. He moved his sunglasses a little bit to show his eyes and looked at Hong Hua Dou Tai.
"Ah what? I said I knew the miracle. "Hong Hua Dou Tai smiled and said," When Linlai came, the Lord of the big domain was ordered by the Lord to tell me something. It seems that the Lord is not very satisfied with the ability of hosting the black domain this time. Hahaha … "
"Ha ha, so it’s the domain master who is too careless." The black domain master also smiled slightly, and his eyes were almost bursting with fire.
In front of the smokers floating in Hunan, it is more and more ugly to be damaged by Hong Hua Dou Tai, but this Hong Hua Dou Tai was sent by the Lord and his qualifications are extremely old. He can’t afford to offend for the time being.
"Let’s go to the miracle now? Don’t talk so much nonsense here! " Gone with the wind Xiang finally took a sentence. He also looked down on the main level of the black domain, but he was even more bored with the arrogance of Hong Hua Dou Tai.
"Of course," Hong Hua Dou Tai said with a smile without looking at Piaoxiang. "Maybe the ghost clan red Bi already knows about the miracle and is preparing to catch it. Hehe"
"They already know? This is unlikely, right? " Black domain Lord respectfully bowed their heads and surprised doubt way
Hong Hua Dou Tai’s eyes looked at the distance and assumed a big sigh that adults hate iron for children. He turned to look at the black domain master and said, "I said the black domain master you … how did you take your official career as the main position of this black domain? By strength? Shit? Still relying on political achievements? "
Black domain master one leng face suddenly turned pale slightly now flustered stammer way "this this this ha ha dou tai how do you ask about this? What’s this, what’s this? "
"Ha ha, Lord of the Black Domain, don’t you feel that there is an unusually powerful gas field?" Hong Hua Dou Tai sneered at the black Lord with a pout and slanting eyes. "You can’t even have this sense of touch, can you?"
Black domain master face damage again face would have been waist tone also brought anger "oh? I really don’t feel any aura! There is no such high-strength ability as Honghua Doutai! "
Hong Hua Dou Tai smiled and recognized the unhappiness in the tone of the black domain master and didn’t mind at all. Instead, he continued to be sarcastic and said, "Oh, I said it’s a miracle that the black domain master can sit in this position today."
The Lord of the Black Domain can’t hold back his eyes and stare at Hong Hua Dou Tai through black sunglasses, but he is afraid to vent anything, and then turn around.
But as soon as I turned around, the Lord of the Black Domain suddenly realized the meaning in the words of just Hong Hua Dou Tai, and suddenly I was surprised. I hesitated and reluctantly turned around and asked, "Dou Tai, what did you say? Who came to this? "
Hong Hua Dou Tai smiled and nodded and waved his hand. "There is a terrible guy, but I don’t know who it is, but it’s obviously not our boss." He took two steps forward and stretched a lot and said, "Just in case, let’s go to the miracle first and wait for him!"
The Lord of the Black Domain finally nodded this time and turned to look at the smoke family drifting in Hunan, then turned around and shouted "Ai You!"
Ai You, the evil clan, walked alone on the top of Evergreen Mountain, chatting and looking around on the other side. It was about a few hundred meters away from the black domain Lord and Honghuadoutai. Suddenly, I heard the black domain Lord calling him, so the horse shrank his shoulders and a layer of messy black fog quickly appeared around his body, and Ai You disappeared instantly.
In front of the Lord of the Black Domain and Gone with the Wind Xiang, a few wisps of black fog suddenly floated out, and then suddenly flashed in the fog. It took less than a second to get here from the top of Evergreen Mountain like a strange delivery.
"Let’s go to the miracle to meet the ghost clan’s red dagger," said the Lord of the Black Domain, looking at the evil clan’s mourning.
"Hey, hey, finally, my arm is itchy." Ai especially smiled and glanced at the other side with disdain in his eyes.
The Lord of the Black Domain turned his head and bowed his head at a nearby stone. He shouted a few times at Ciren Valley and spread himself lazily. He came unsteadily.
At this time, Cirengu is still the cruel original body. Since he met Yang Ye and them, he has been sitting on the side of the stone and keeping silent with his head down after he met the Lord of the Black Domain and the people of the Smoke Family.
Later, the Yin monks appeared in groups, and he didn’t move.
Let the smoke family float in Hunan and the evil spirit family mourn, especially all of them were taken aback. When Hong Hua Dou Tai appeared, he still didn’t move anything and didn’t come and say hello.
It’s strange that Ciren Valley has never been so chaotic in body and mind.


The waves are sleepy, but he closes his eyes and thinks quietly.

Getting the blue moon makes him feel happy and happy, and soon he will lose the blue moon, but it makes him feel sad and heartbroken. He and the blue moon are different, and two meteors have their own orbits and are doomed not to be together.
No matter whether Blue Moon chooses to be on the side of Blue Star or hostile to Blue Star, she will never forgive the waves for cheating and benefiting her.
When the blue moon comes to the ear, you can imagine that she must be intoxicated in her sleep with a happy and satisfied smile on her mouth without looking at the waves.
The waves sighed in their hearts. Although he was very gentle with the blue moon, it was the most cruel way for him to go elsewhere.
Suddenly, the cell phone at the table shook gently before the waves were put on the bed.
Wave mobile phones are usually tuned to vibrate and there is no bell.
The wave reach for that cell phone, if it’s Fei Fei calling.
Gently push the blue moon and press his arm. The waves get up and walk lightly. Wearing blue moon slippers, he comes to the sanitation to prevent him from answering the phone in case he locks the sanitation door again.
"Brother Hai, is it not convenient for you to come here now?"
"What can I do for you?"
"Old A has new instructions"
"I’ll be here in half an hour."
The wave frowned. Old A, when this time came, the instruction must be to ask whether it is feasible to take action. But the wave still has a few personal matters to deal with.
Back to the bedroom, the waves didn’t disturb the blue moon. She quietly dressed and went out of the bedroom.
When the wave hand just touched the door, suddenly there came a knock at the door outside.
The waves thought about it, but they still knocked on the door. A dozen waves froze, and the people knocking at the door outside froze.
This person turned out to be Elaine Lin!
That night, the waves didn’t go back to his room. He spent the whole night with Blue Moon in his bedroom.
Blue Moon’s first kiss and first night gave the waves a tough, straight and gentle push. She was soft. She gave a miserable, low and mournful moan, which was as painful as tearing as she thought. She wanted to push the waves, but they pressed her tightly. She couldn’t push them.
The waves go in slowly, persistently and tenderly.
Blue Moon experienced tearing pain for more than ten minutes. Fortunately, the waves were not rough and wild, and she gradually tasted the sweetness.
The waves don’t know how many times they have cultivated the blue moon in silence, and they don’t know how many times they have been pushed to the clouds and pushed to the bottom of the sea by the waves. They do it over and over again, regardless of pain, fatigue and fatigue. If they wake up first, they will quietly invade each other and start the battle again.
The waves know that he won’t have too many chances with Blue Moon, and this beautiful girl will leave him, which he cherishes very much.
Blue Moon, however, can possess this man’s heart and soul for a long time and give it to the waves. If she invests too deeply, it will hurt even more.
When Blue Moon woke up from her sleep, the sun had already spread over the head of the bed, and she was about to fall apart, aching and looking at the sleeping waves with her arms propped on her neck.
This man has made her feel too much!
The waves woke up long ago, and he felt the blue moon looking at him. He suddenly felt guilty. Not only did he see the blue moon’s clear eyes, but he owed the blue moon too much to cheat the blue moon.
The blue moon hand gently stroked the waves, lowered her face and looked at this angular face full of male charm.
The waves smiled and slowly opened their eyes and touched the blue moon’s eye.
"Did you wake up early?" The waves gently laughed
Blue moon light said "well! Go to sleep again, you are too tired! "
The waves laughed. "Do you want me again and again when you know I’m tired?"
Blue Moon gently beats the waves and laughs. "The bad guy is that you want others again and again, but you blame others for wanting you."
The waves caught Blue Moon’s powder fist and put it on his mouth, gently steaming. Blue Moon stared at the waves and slowly bowed his eyes and kissed them on the lips.
Long lingering kiss again.
It was a long time before the blue moon gasped and looked up at the waves and said softly, "How long will you love me?"
The waves smiled gently and said, "I love you enough!" "
"If I never get bored?"
"Then I will love you forever!"
"Are you men reliable?" Blue Moon’s brow flashed with melancholy again and said softly, "Would you still love me if I were not the daughter of Blue Star?"
The waves know that the blue moon said this sentence not because the blue moon knew her own life, but because she asked the waves, if my blue moon was not the daughter of Blue Star, would you still love me without such high power and money?
The answer of the waves is, of course, "of course!"
Then the waves patiently explained, "There is no potential for loving someone and money. If you were not the daughter of Lan Tianxing, I would have chased you."
Blue Moon smiled and said, "Do you want to get rid of it after catching it?"
The waves rubbed the blue moon’s cheek with one hand and stroked her short hair with the other, gently saying, "You are a good girl and worthy of a man’s life. No man is willing to dump you, and I won’t!"
Blue Moon stared at the waves and said word by word, "Will you marry me? Will you guard my generation? "
When the waves hurt in his heart, he knew it was impossible, but his face did not show a trace of pain and reluctance. Instead, he said more tenderly and affectionately, "Yes! I don’t want you to think I’m poor! "
Blue Moon smiled from the heart, that kind of happy smile is like the most beautiful flower that breaks the heart of the waves.
The waves held Blue Moon in their arms and pressed her down, loving her deeply again.


There is no worry at all. This is like a fairyland. It’s a pity that there can’t be too many people living here. Otherwise, Molin really wants to move all the suffering people in Chixian and mainland China here.

"It’s no fun to live like this all the time. You have seen those fat immortals. If I stay and be afraid, I will become like them." The mirror sighed.
But he soon got excited again. "I thought I’d bring more fruits back and sell them at a good price, and then I’ll wait in a restaurant in the city. Sometimes I’ll practice martial arts with my master or take risks with you. That’s my favorite day."
"You think it’s a long time …" Molin said with a wry smile, "Forget it. We’ll wait for you a little longer if you want to go back."
It is the first place to get the credit for the fierce mirror of the Golden Dragon Ball. Since he is going back to Molin, of course, there will be no objection.
Everyone sat on the playground, chatting and picking fruits in the mirror. As expected, he stuffed all the best things into his carry-on bag and piled them together for a while to send to the immortals.
Yue Yao is playing with the bear and patting his big belly. Everyone feels very relaxed when they look at the bear.
"Master … seems to have found a bad fruit …" Fierce mirror suddenly jumped up and came to find a small lilac fruit surface from a lot of litchi fruits with a few green leaves left.
Chapter 33 Fog
Chapter 33 Fog
"What is this?" Ink Lin took it and don’t understand
"This is called Zijin Fruit, which is the most precious fruit on the island and has special effect on cultivating martial artists." The fierce mirror swallowed.
"Oh … is it unusual?" Molin looked left and right and didn’t find anything strange about this little fruit. After all, so many immortals born and raised in this island trusted the fierce mirror and saw so many exotic fruits. Molin didn’t doubt that he would exaggerate the effect.
"Just swallow it and you’ll know," said the fierce mirror. "Master, how many chakras have you got through? I guess you can get through all chakras at once if you eat this purple fruit."
"Is this a restriction sometimes?" Mo Lin asked him if he didn’t want to be like Xiao Bai just now, and when he arrived, he showed his true colors and made a big mistake.
"This is absolutely not once swallowed for life" fierce mirror excited.
Xiaobai came over and sniffed and disdained, "Is it so powerful?"
"Absolutely! If it weren’t for the master, I would have eaten this fruit myself, and I would have become a master immediately. "The fierce mirror saw that Xiaobai didn’t believe it and was so anxious that he just swore."
"I believe you." Molin couldn’t help laughing when he saw the fierce mirror.
As he spoke, he swallowed Zijin fruit and chewed it, feeling bitter.
"Yeah, it’s bitter …" Molin almost spit it out.
"Good medicine tastes bitter, don’t wave at all!" Fierce mirror busy stop way
Molin didn’t want to wave the mirror, but finally endured the bitter taste and swallowed Zijin fruit.
"Hey, hey, wait and see the drama." The fierce mirror has answers.
"What good thing will happen? I think it’s just a bitter pill." Xiaobai still doesn’t believe it.
Mo Lin was just about to persuade them not to quarrel with each other. It seemed as if a bomb had exploded. His five senses immediately became confused, and a burst of black hair changed dramatically.
In the vast universe, a star suddenly flashes, and the incandescent brightness instantly exceeds that of the sun.
That bright light was shot out of the dark universe at a speed of hundreds of millions of light years, pierced the atmosphere and went straight to Fukushima Prefecture, which was wrapped in a fog.
The earth trembled slightly, making people feel that the fog was torn by the incoming light of the universe, and the whole island suddenly lit up.
The light in front of everyone was flashing and they wanted to do something, but they couldn’t even get it. Even the fastest little white was a flower, and they saw a mass of white light shining on the top of his head and then disappeared into his body.
"What’s that?" Fierce mirror sat down in horror. "I just let the master eat a Zijin fruit …"
Small white face is very serious. "That’s the cosmic force boss. Now it’s a key moment. Maybe … maybe it will toss out an unprecedented realm."
"What realm?" Los Sandy asked.
Xiao Bai shook his head. "I don’t know. It’s always that we dare not think about the realm. Be careful with the boss …"
They scattered vigilance watching around.
There is nothing against human beings and animals in Fukushima Senzhou, and the cosmic forces come and go quickly. At this moment, the island has returned to its original appearance and it seems that nothing has happened just now.
It is Mo Lin’s body that has turned into a crimson purple, and more changes in his body are going on quickly.
Zijin fruit is as effective as a river, and the ink forest body sets off waves. The ink forest consciousness waves like a boat will be swallowed up by this violent force at any time overnight.
Zijin fruit melts in the body and then explodes from the root chakra. It goes hand in hand along the left, middle and right veins and impacts the top chakra on the head.
Mo Lin felt that the left and right sides of his body were tingling like being struck by Thunderbird, and his facial features, hands and feet were uncontrolled and convulsed.


"No" She’s like this. How can he trust her to go back alone? "I’ll walk you to the gate of the community."

Yuanyuan nodded near where he walked her to the door. As soon as Yuanyuan got home, she felt something was wrong. Except for her parents, her sister-in-law Song Zhishan and her uncle, all her parents looked at her with a cold face, especially her mother, as if she were going to swallow her.
"Mom, you hurriedly called me back. What happened?" Yuanyuan sat beside her mother with a smile.
"Where have you been?" Julie mercilessly stared at her and asked
Yuanyuan feels wrong but still laughs. "Didn’t I tell you? I get together with my classmates and Tao Jing and them. "
"Where to get together?" Julie asked.
"Mom, what are you doing? What the hell happened? " Yuanyuan felt weak in her heart. She turned to look at her sister-in-law with a complicated look.
"Yuanyuan, your mother and I have always restricted your affairs. When you wanted to go abroad, we asked you to go abroad. You said you were going to Jiangbei, and we also asked you to go to Jiangbei. Now you are going to Beijing, and your mother and I respect you. We believe in you, but that doesn’t mean you can lie to us and deceive us." Song Zongzheng looked at her daughter very sadly and said.
"Dad, what did I cheat you?" Her father’s harsh tone frightened her. She sat next to her father and listened to him say that, which made her feel rather uncomfortable.
"You still don’t tell me honestly," Julie looked at her daughter sadly. "Your sister-in-law Xinyue Hotel saw you go to the room with a man this afternoon, and you still carried large and small bags in your hands. The man held you into the ladder."
Yuanyuan gasped in a white face and then looked at her sister-in-law in shock.
"Yuanyuan, you say that person is you?" Song Zongzheng felt sad at the thought that his daughter would go to the room with a man.
Yuanyuan is speechless. She can say it, can’t she? She can’t cheat, so it’s no good doing bad things. There are acquaintances everywhere in Binhai, and you can be caught anyway.
"Yuanyuan’s sister-in-law also hopes that she is wrong. I think that man should be old. How can you be so self-deprecating? Even a boyfriend can’t follow you to the room. You can bump into an acquaintance if you turn the street in Binhai." Sister-in-law Song Zhishan said.
This is tantamount to slapping her in the face, and her eyes are red with it. No one can stand such accusations.
"Yuanyuan, tell me who that man is?" Julie pulled her daughter aside. "How long have you been seeing him?"
Yuanyuan looked up at her mother. She thought it was very helpful. How could she be caught? She said, "I just dated for a while."
"You went to the hotel with someone just after dating for a while?" Julie can’t be angry. "Who is that man? Call him now! "
Won’t Yuanyuan dislike him even more if he dares to beat his parents’ impression of him?
"Mom, there’s nothing between me and him. It’s just that he came to see me in Binhai. I went to see him and he stayed at a hotel." Yuanyuan tried to save his image.
"Call him now," Julie insisted. "Unless he is not your boyfriend, if he is your boyfriend, you still have to bear this responsibility."
Unless he is not her boyfriend, she froze. She looked at her mother. "Mom, what are you talking about?"
"How do you say such things to children?" Song Zongzheng watched her daughter being scared and distressed and pulled her to her side. "Daughter, you have to give him a message now. Since you have made a boyfriend, since you have come to Binhai for the New Year, you have to visit an adult according to the etiquette."
"He wanted to see you, but I didn’t let him." Yuanyuan couldn’t hide it when she thought about it. If she had known this, she would have taken him home directly. "I’ll call him upstairs."
"You call him here." Julie glared at her husband, and his daughter was so spoiled by him. "Let him come over for half an hour in front of us."
Yuanyuan took a deep breath and dialed his words. Without ringing a word, she answered, "Is Yuaner okay!"
"My sister-in-law saw me when I sent you back to the hotel this afternoon. My parents want to see you and let you come now." Yuanyuan said that she was somewhat wronged, especially her mother’s ugly face, as if she had done many heinous things.
The wind froze and said, "I’ll be right over."
In less than ten minutes, the doorbell rang, and the little babysitter changed her new clothes and appeared at the gate. He strode over and smiled. "Hello, Uncle Song and Aunt Song."
Song Zongzheng got up immediately when he saw the wind. Julie didn’t expect it to be the wind. When she saw her daughter, it was natural that he was furious. "Song Yuanyuan, come here."
Yuanyuan saw the wind and nai walked beside her mother.
"How could it be him?" Julie saw the wind from the second wedding in Dongyang, and she didn’t like him once. At that time, the army commander was still trying to fix his daughter with him, but he didn’t want to think about it. The wind was so big and burly that he was ten years older than his daughter. Soldiers were all violent. Because his daughter was still in a bad temper at ordinary times, he had to shoot her without a word.
"That’s him." Yuanyuan thought that she had told her mother that she was not interested in him, and now she is really slapping herself with him.
"Sit in the wind!" Song Zongzheng sighed, but the nephew has to be polite.
"Uncle Song, Aunt Zhu, it’s my fault this time. Yuanyuan and I were sure years ago that I came to Binhai this time to see her. Because no one has stayed in my hotel for a long time on this side of the Binhai, I have little clothes with Yuanyuan to accompany me to buy clothes. When we saw it, we wanted to put the clothes in the hotel for a long time, and then I sent her home. I didn’t think about it properly and didn’t consider Yuanyuan’s honor. You should blame me. Don’t blame Yuanyuan." Feng Zhi apologized sincerely
"Sit down first!" Song Zongzheng is not dissatisfied with the wind, but his profession is really a problem. It is the most dangerous thing for his daughter to follow him. Can he rest assured?
Besides, the age gap is also a little bigger. It’s a little over 30, so it’s not appropriate. However, he still appreciates that young men and women will admit their mistakes and take responsibility first, which is completely different from what they used to be. It’s normal if something happens to them.
"Do you also know that you are thoughtless?" Julie doesn’t have a good temper as her husband. She stares at this person. "You are a big man who takes my daughter to the hotel in the clear sky. What do you want others to say about my daughter? You can kiss your ass and leave, and my woman will be drowned by rumors."
"Mom, what are you talking about?" Yuanyuan can’t stand her mother saying that about him.
"You shut up and go back to your room." Julie trembled and stared at her daughter. Chapter 335 disagreed.


The waves are even more stunned and say, "You … How do you know?"

Chen ping ha ha a smile turned around and took out a file from a cupboard and handed it to the waves with a smile. "This is because according to your hostel’s registered place of origin, we sent people to investigate for three days and all the income was delivered in vain. Do you see if there are any omissions or wrong places?" If not, we will input your personal data into our brain. "
The waves pretend to be dumbfounded on the surface, but they are overjoyed because everything is going according to his original idea.
He showed great awe and took the file with both hands.
The surface of the file is very ordinary, just like the official file and personnel file of every company.
The font inside is printed by the brain.
The surface is like this: the waves are written in Heze, Shandong Province. People are strong and violent since childhood. Their parents love Wu from childhood. They studied under a village martial arts teacher. At the age of twelve, they entered a local famous martial arts college to study Sanda and boxing. At the age of fifteen, their parents both died in a car accident. At that time, they withdrew from the martial arts college and lived a wandering life. Because of their kung fu and tyrannical temperament, they were soon wooed by local gangs. People in the city dared to provoke a famous gangster and gangster fire at the age of ten. In the fight, he was sentenced to five years in prison for being injured by brutally stabbing another gangster’s first three times. He was sent to a prison in the provincial capital for labor reform. After he was released from prison at the age of 23, he returned to his hometown. Although he restrained a lot of contacts with local gangs, his personality remained cruel. Less than a month after he was released from prison, he fled his hometown overnight and fled to the south because he could not see an urban management officer bullying an old farmer who sold vegetables and stabbed three holes in his weight.
There are comments on the waves from his hometown and his childhood deeds, as well as some childhood photos brought back from his hometown.
Finally, the writer’s comments on the waves are serious violence and occasionally a sense of justice. Chivalrous man is a person with little underworld experience but very gangster temperament.
Chen Ping’s annotation on the top of the case file indicates that he has read it and said that it can be accomplished in time.
Chen Ping’s annotation surface is a line of beautiful women writing pen words to try.
For the next three days, the waves were entangled with small bean sprouts all day.
Small bean sprouts have not only been released since they tasted the sweetness, but have become demanding, which almost makes the waves feel overwhelmed.
Two people from morning till night from night to morning in addition to eating and sleeping is * *
I don’t know how many times they have had a heated argument in the past three days. Whether it’s the sofa in the living room or the bathtub in the bathroom, whether it’s a big table or a small bench, it’s a place for two people.
Yao Yiyi has been here twice in the past three days, and both of them have come to deliver food and chat with two people casually. When they come, they will sit down for a while and leave without disturbing their interest.
The waves and small bean sprouts were taken out once and sent 100 thousand yuan to the parents of small bean sprouts.
Small bean sprouts are more infatuated with the waves and are more gentle with him. * * Sometimes if the waves want to do something, she doesn’t obey, that is, the waves have some abnormal and excessive requirements, and she also grits her teeth and doesn’t brush the waves. If she can, she will go with the waves everywhere.
So these three days, the waves are enjoying themselves.
However, although the waves are enjoying a lot of happiness, they have not forgotten the business.
He knew that there must be a lot of great things happening outside in these three days. Both the "Star Gang" and the "Fulong Gang" were urgently deployed to recruit and prepare for a bloody battle.
Now it’s coming, and the events cast their shadows before them.
He even knows that his fame in this city is greatly enhanced by the fact that two groups of people are trying to win over the fighting figure Yang Kun. If they don’t bother him these days, they will send someone to find out his details. Once the search is true, they will take action to drop or kill him.
Chen Ping, the same "Star Gang", also took this opportunity to deal with the murder of the Tang master on the one hand, and to send people to his hometown to detect his reality on the other.
Although he seems to be unable to get out, he has always kept in touch with outsiders in a special way.
People outside are constantly sending news to other places in a special way. Even if he doesn’t look outside, he knows that there is a van parked in his building for three days to monitor him, and he also knows that there has always been a monitoring and data acquisition system in the building opposite him to monitor his every move.
According to the information received, Chen Ping and kun yang sent him to his hometown to explore his background, and everyone will come back to the office. Today, both sides will definitely do something.
Not bad! On the third day at noon, Chen Ping called him.
The waves took the desktop and put the mobile phone to answer it.
Chen Ping said, "Brother is my brother."
The waves said, "What’s the matter with Brother Chen?"
Chen Ping said, "I’ve taken care of things in the office. Do you want to come over?"
The waves say "yes"
Chen Ping said, "There are people watching you at your door. Don’t look around after you go out. Go straight ahead. I’ll send someone to get rid of the people watching you. We must keep this meeting a secret and don’t tell anyone, brother!"
The waves say "white!"
He put his cell phone on and looked at the bean sprouts that were still sleeping.
Small bean sprouts sleep soundly and sweetly. She is very tired and satisfied.
The waves didn’t disturb her, but the desktop wrote a note saying that she would go out for a while and would come back soon, asking her not to worry or be afraid.
The waves got dressed and walked out of the building.
He walked down the street and pretended to be very alert. He looked around but didn’t notice the van that was watching him.


The three people instantly form a triangle, which is exactly the pattern of seven stars gathering in bursts.

"The three girls are not afraid of us. They are afraid that the wind will help us out. If we are indifferent again, it will be a coward. Mom doesn’t want to be a coward, so she will come out." The samurai boy who spat in the food first was not afraid. When he got behind the wind, he shouted at the same time.
"Bananas and pumpkins all come to the samurai area to run wild. Do you really think we are soft-footed crabs?"
"Fuck, follow Brother Feng and fuck them to death."
No one who can enter Feiyun Gate wants to be a coward. Everyone will join Feiyun Gate with a mind to get ahead. The juvenile talk is very exciting, and soon everyone will be buried in their hearts and their blood will be inspired.
When the young people’s minds are hot, all their concerns disappear. Before leaving, Feng Yang looks angry and stares at Fan Li and others across the street.
Fan Li clutching a sword hand suddenly fibrillation fibrillation staring at dozens of people way can’t help but froze.
Although he thinks highly of himself, he is not arrogant enough to think that he can win against a general martial artist Feng Yang and a large group of samurai who can easily defeat him.
Besides, there is really no advantage in fighting capacity on your side. Although Shenyang is a technician, Yuan Soul is more powerful, but he is a five-warrior Yuan Soul. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t hold many people. wangyi’s strength is even worse.
Fan Liyuan relied on his brother’s famous samurai area to fight without fighting, but he didn’t expect to get the opposite effect because of his strength.
Even if the wind blows, this situation is very unexpected. Looking around for a circle, dozens of samurai teenagers have a smile on their lips. Perhaps this is the so-called narrowing of people’s experience.
He suddenly had a feeling of great pride and puffed up with laughter. "Good should always be so timid. We can’t get ahead when we enter Feiyun Gate."
"You have seed. You’d better not fall into my hands." Fan Li said coldly.
"Today, the two of them made a mistake and should be punished." Feng Yang is not afraid to look at Fan Lixuan, that is, the line of sight falls on Cao Dong and Shui Lingping. Suddenly, they crouched down and stretched out their hands to pinch Cao Dong’s mouth.
Feng Yang can’t be too dirty. He grabbed a dish full of saliva and stuffed it into Cao Dong’s mouth.
Cao Dong Gollum swallowed several dishes with saliva, and when Feng Yang let go, he immediately threw himself on the ground and vomited nothing.
"Do you want me to do it?" The wind Yang turned to look at water Lingping corners of the mouth raise a bit cold TouGu evil smile.
"Feng Yang, I know I’m wrong, please leave me alone. I’m afraid I’m not fat anymore. I’m sorry, I’m wrong. Please give me a break." That Shui Lingping has scared the six gods into pleading.
Tang Ning looked at Shui Lingping’s delicate and touching pleading expression, and she was slightly soft-hearted and said, "Let’s forget it."
"Forget it?" The wind raised his face and smiled evil, and quickly gathered up the remaining face. His expression was indifferent. He quickly leaned over and poured the food into Ling Ping’s mouth in the same way. Immediately, an evil smile reappeared. "Now forget it."
Shui Lingping and Cao Dong are really’ hard to find a wife and husband’. They threw up together and turned pale. They almost didn’t spit out their stomach acid.
"Get out of here," Feng Yang shouted with an expression. "Don’t spit dirty."
"Let’s go" Fan Li glanced at Feng Yang with murder in his eyes and turned and walked.
"Feng Yang, you still owe me my life, and I will come to get it at any time." I never said anything. It was creepy to look at Feng Yang with a cold look in Shenyang.
"I’m always ready." Feng Yang was not afraid to meet Shenyang’s eyes coldly and replied.
Soon the three martial artists left the samurai area with Cao Dong and Shui Lingping Fan Li and others.
"It’s fucking cool. It’s really exciting."
"These king eggs don’t treat us like people at ordinary times, and now they are finally relieved."
After Fan Li and others left, dozens of warriors immediately cheered up, and one by one there was a pleasure for slaves to turn over and be masters of their own affairs.
At ordinary times, they are oppressed by these martial artists, but they can swallow their anger. Those martial artists always bully them with a high attitude, but today these martial artists have fled with their tails between their legs, making dozens of warriors feel a sense of abnormal accomplishment.
But everyone cheered and surrendered to the wind Yang, and sometimes the wind Yang was sad and looked at the door of the samurai area thoughtfully.
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Chapter one hundred and one Meet by chance
Welcome you to come.
"Feng Yang, what’s wrong with you? Why do you seem to be unwilling?" Sitting at the dinner table, seeing the wind blowing, eating at ordinary times is like being reborn as a hungry fool. Today, I eat slowly and thoughtfully. Downing can’t help but ask curiously.
"What’s worth worrying about?" The wind Yang looked up at Downing and said indifferently.
"It’s your credit for beating all these martial artists away. Now everyone regards you as the backbone. Isn’t it worthwhile?" Downing muttered with a mouthful of food in his mouth
"It’s just a group of martial artists. They’re not my target." Feng Yang said otherwise
When eating, the posture is still elegant. From time to time, Xi Yu squints at Feng Yang’s eyes and flashes a strange light.
Maybe Tang Ning and Liu Man, two girls with big nerves, didn’t know that Fengyang would be so crazy, but Xi Yu vaguely thought of something. Maybe he was so crazy because he was bullied by fat, or because he was touched by a fragile and sensitive lamella somewhere.
Looking thoughtfully, Xi Yu suddenly felt that this young man seemed to have a natural appeal. Whether it was the admissions conference or here, he would make people naturally regard him as the backbone.
Maybe when this teenager’s wings grow up, he will be shocked by the whole storm. What is it that buries your heart and makes you have such faith to go forward bravely?
"By the way, you should be careful these days. Those people are not good birds. Today you and I approached, and I was worried that Fan Li would take your knife." Feng Yang suddenly stopped chopsticks and said to Xi Yu.
"I know" Xi Yu’s look is also indifferent and has never changed at all.
"I have no appetite today. I walked first." Feng Yang said good morning to Xi Yu and others and got up and started walking towards the dining hall.
Tang Ning looked at the dining table, and five bowls were dumbfounded. He looked at the wind, the back, the chopsticks, and I dropped my mother. This is also called loss of appetite. How much does he have to eat when he has an appetite to be full?
With a huge sword strapped to his back, he walked towards a house in the corner of Feiyun Gate, where his mentor Lao Zhao lived. He had been there for a month since he entered Feiyun Gate, but he didn’t go back.


Although there is no siege, it is also hard to defend the city overnight.

Yan Gui rested for two days and then took the military forces to pull the posture again to fight against Nan Yin.
Nanyin reinforcements of 100,000 people have also arrived, and morale is also aggressive.
Zhang Qi, the third general of Nanyin, was also the first to step out. "Which is the general of Zhennan?"
The high wind is about to break ranks and return to Yan’s first step. "Presumably, this is General Zhang Qi, and the king personally learned your brilliant idea." He said and rode on.
The high wind was anxious. "How can you personally confront the enemy?" He said that he was going to go.
"You don’t worry, are you afraid it’s not this Zhang Qi opponent?" Han Yun pulled his way.
"Ha ha ha ha! General regent, if the general loses in World War I, he won’t lose! Come on! " Zhang qi for sword ushered in a way
Yan returned to the sword hand to fight.
This time, Nanyin was obviously prepared, and Yuan Liang also stepped out and said, "Since General Zhang Qi was lucky enough to have the Regent’s World War I, which general fought the World War I?"
The high wind is about to leave the ranks again, but see Zhu Wu’s previous step. "General Zhennan, don’t worry. Yesterday you made a contribution. Today it’s my turn!"
He said the previous step, "What a coincidence!"
The two men’s horses hissed and the pike stung together.
There was a gust of wind, and the dust was flying all the more because of the horseshoe tread.
Four people and four rides are staggered and evenly matched.
Zhang Qi didn’t like martial arts. No matter how good an emperor is, martial arts is also a flower stand. He can’t fight without experience and life and death.
But I didn’t know I was wrong until I really tried.
Yan Guijian has no flower stand, and almost every move is a killing move. If you are not careful, you will add a wound.
And Yuan Liang and Zhu Wu’s situation here is another story.
Zhu Wu’s marksmanship can’t be compared with Yuan Liang’s marksmanship. Yuan Liang came from Jiangyin Yuanjia. Yuan Jiazu was a general with his own marksmanship, but this general is not a big-yin general.
However, although hundreds of years have passed, it can be seen that Yuan Jia’s marksmanship still flows.
Zhu Wu’s marksmanship is good, but in the end it can’t compare with Yuan Jia’s marksmanship, which is gradually losing strength.
Finally, Pei Yudu was shot to pick a horse and snatched him back by the load.
Zhu Wu reluctantly got up and said, "General Yuan deserves to be behind the door! Awesome! "
Yuan Liangma won’t do it from afar.
Fighting is like this. If you don’t die at that time and are rescued, you will fight again if you belong to two camps. In fact, you have no hatred. Chapter 451 The first battle was successful.
Yan Gui was not affected at all, and soon the one who was beaten was Zhang Qi.
Yan Gui didn’t take the opportunity to kill him, but sat on a horse and watched him be rescued.
When he was rescued, Yan Gui still raised his kendo in situ to "kill"
A word with great power.
"kill! !” High winds Han Yun took the lead and rushed to the other army with his men. Soon the yellow sand filled the sky and was fighting.
Blood splashes constantly, and some people pour those who are not dead, and they may be trampled to death and shot to death by random arrows.
It’s not a massacre, it’s a real battlefield. It’s so cruel and bloody …
Zhang qi was injured and struggled to fight, but he relied on Yuan Liang.
High winds and PeiYuQing practice also drove Yuan Liang into a mess.
Pei Yuqing is also a pike, a silver armor pike, and his handsome face is a rare young soldier. Actually, his rank is only five because Yan Gui sees his talent, which brings him here.
Once Pei Yuqing forced Yuan Liang to flicker, regardless of distance, Yuan Liang was unable to protect himself.
Yan Gui has beheaded one general and another in a dogfight.
This person is also a more powerful Nanyin. Although his position is not high, it is not small. His name is Li Heng. He is good at soft sword’s feminine way, but Yan Gui has been fighting for a long time.
From early morning to dusk, there was no tie, but obviously Nanyin soldiers suffered heavy casualties.
When it got dark, almost two families sounded the golden bell to retreat.
It’s a great rule whether it’s Dayin’s history or whether southern Xinjiang is good to the enemy. It’s been a rule for thousands of years.
For example, at the same time, after ringing the gold, you will no longer fight. Of course, on the one hand, ringing the gold does not count.


Yuan beast music enough then continue to blunt Ye Han attack Ye Han looked at heart suddenly cold hum a also don’t tube hand inflammation cold jade flute suddenly drew a circle, then the energy aperture to find the yuan beast came to the unknown suddenly.

Followed by Ye Han regardless of whether the aperture hit the Yuan beast’s hand, Yan Han Jade Xiao once again waved the ice Yuan to break the Yuan skill, and immediately two jade Xiao light and shadow quickly attacked the Yuan beast.
Yuan beast just wanted to avoid the aperture attack but didn’t want Ye Han to use two strokes of ice yuan to break for a while, but he didn’t know where to hide. After all, at this time, this theory is bound to be hit by Ye Han’s other yuan attack.
See yuan beast thought to avoid Ye Han figure suddenly jumped up, palm jade flute also instantly changed direction, then figure jade flute belt suddenly rose to the sky, and then fled towards the distance.
Yuan beast dodging is not natural. Gu Ye Han was successfully escaped from the battle. From time to time, his figure has already disappeared into the distant trees.
Ye Han, with the inflammation and cold jade flute traction, escaped the fate of being killed by the Yuan beast and soon came to a small bush. After looking around, he didn’t find any abnormality, and he breathed a sigh of relief and fell to the grass with an unstable shape.
"This little fox was so cunning that he took me there and was almost eaten by the Yuan beast!" Ye Han looked at the distant day with a face of pain, playing with her hands and mumbling her own way.
"Hum, if I catch you again, I won’t skin you and make clothes!" Anger Ye Han has not so much concern, and now that Fox is not here, he is even more afraid to miss the opportunity of shouting in western Zhejiang. Besides, he was almost killed, even if she was here, it would be right.
Ye Han was embarrassed enough today. He didn’t expect to see that he was already down and out one day ago. It was sad enough that he was cheated by a small fox K. I didn’t expect that he was almost killed by a yuan beast
A strong sense of frustration surged in his heart, which made him wonder whether he could be attached to a woman all his life or not.
"No, I won’t just give up. I must strengthen myself or I’ll be ashamed to go back to see them!" Suddenly, the firmness in Ye Han’s heart overwhelmed the frustration, just as when his hall was full of glory, he suddenly found a strong reason.
I found my confidence. Ye Han put away the jade flute in my hand and slowly got up from the grass. I didn’t look at it. I slightly distinguished a position around me and went straight ahead.
Ye Han kept observing the surrounding terrain all the way, only to find that the animal yuan breath around here is not as strong as before. Obviously, it is not deep in the animal yuan mountain range, but the periphery.
"Damn little fox, if I see you again … humph!" The more I think about it, the more angry I am. Ye Han has never been teased like this. I didn’t expect to be teased by a small fox and almost lost his life.
"Master, you can’t say that. Xiaoli and Xiaoli also have a last resort!" Ye Han’s voice was backward and he continued to walk forward. Just then, a blue shadow flash appeared in the place where Ye Han stood. It can be clearly seen that the owner of this blue shadow is the little fox before.
Fox’s face is full of grievances, which proves that his words are true. Maybe she really has some difficulties. Is it difficult to push a person to the brink of death without saying it to his face?
Ye Han didn’t think so much. At the moment, what he wants most is to strengthen his strength, so he will no longer worry about being framed. Even if he is framed, he will have enough ability to escape from being almost killed by a fourth-order beast.
"Come out and stop hiding!" Ye Han suddenly seemed to feel something startled, then quietly turned away and shouted in the direction of the branch not far away.
As soon as Ye Han’s voice fell, he felt a blue shadow drifting by. Before he came to look closely, he listened to Xiaoli’s voice and said, "Please don’t blame Xiaoli for master Xiaoli’s mistake!"
The sound came to the figure, that is, the little fox’s face was wronged, and it reappeared in front of Ye Han. When Ye Han saw it, he was so angry that he couldn’t help yelling at the little fox. "Now you know where you have just gone for mercy. Do you know if I don’t run fast, I’m afraid I’ll die in the hands of that beast!"
"Said Ye Han hesitated for a moment and suddenly cold hum a" now know that asked me? It’s a pity that it’s already late. Don’t appear in front of me after you leave. You’ll be upset when you see it! "
Ye Han’s idea is wisdom. Although he doesn’t know that the little fox wants to call himself master, he knows that he is no match for her. If he really wants to do what he said when he was angry before, he will strip the little fox’s fur. Then he is confident that he may have died many times before he has completed this feat.
Nai nai, he can try to scold the little fox away, so there may be some chances not to let himself get too angry. After all, it hurts Yuan Shen.
"Well, the master is not angry. Xiaoli knows he is wrong!" Fox’s delicate voice is the best choice for charming people. At this moment, she seems to really feel that her master is angry, so she can try to get forgiveness from her master.
However, everything seems to be beyond her expectation. Ye Han snorted and didn’t give up the idea of punishment. At the same time, he also deflected his head and stopped looking at Xiaoli’s taxi. He was out of sight and out of mind.
"Don’t, master, don’t drive Xiaoli away, even after Xiaoli!" Xiaoli was sincere this time, and a line of tears left from his seductive eyes slowly crossed his cheeks and fell to the grass.
Ye Han didn’t look back, but he recognized that Xiaoli’s voice was full of Kuqiang Nai. Looking back, when he saw Xiaoli in tears, he was tough and unconsciously softened, and it seemed that he could never say half a sentence again.
"Forget it, I’ll spare you this time, but you have to promise me that you can’t hurt me like this again, and you haven’t told me your origin, so I always feel a little worried about a strange little fox all day!" Ye Han decided to give up revenge on Fox because she looked so pitiful.
He gave up the basis of revenge, and it occurred to him that he had just raised doubts in his heart. Will this little fox appear in front of him many times and will always call himself his master?
Xiaoli smell speech immediately exultation canthus tears also don’t know when has dissipated eyes blink watching Ye Han really have very nobody posture is Ye Han mind firm that didn’t affect you.
As the saying goes, fox’s eyes are the most attractive to people’s minds. This is true, especially in the small eyes that fox has just cried. It is revealed that May Day is not a disturbing thing.
Ye Han gently coughed two consciousnesses and left all other thoughts in his heart. Only then did he hear the fox suddenly smile and suddenly rush towards himself … huh? To be precise, he came towards his arms.
Ye Han could realize that it was not good when he saw it, but because the fox was fast enough, he refused to hug her and realized that he had not finished waking up. His lips left the fox’s lip prints again.
Fox coquetry like Ye Han arms Ceng Ceng didn’t intend to come and then listen to her smile say with smile "there are some things Xiaoli temporarily can’t say but master you can rest assured that Xiaoli won’t harm you!
Ye Han smell speech almost fainted. It’s been said for a long time, and it’s been taken advantage of for a long time. I still haven’t made things clear. Perhaps the saddest thing in this world is nothing more than this.
"Well, since you don’t want to talk about it, come on and let people see me holding a small fox. It’s a scandal!" Ye Hannai shook his head and slowly put the fox from his arms before wry smile way
【 348 】 【 Wonders flash 】
Fox didn’t force himself to get into Ye Han’s arms again, which means that he is too stingy to express his dissatisfaction. He has just carried him in the foggy forest for so long, and now he refuses to hug others for a while.
Fox is a little dissatisfied, but he seems to forget that he just left Ye Han alone and almost killed people. If the two are compared, even people who don’t know the truth can see clearly, right?
It seems that these little foxes’ disgruntled faces suddenly disappeared and turned to smile at Ye Han and said, "Don’t worry, master, soon you will know that you want to know the answer!"
Ye Han smell speech suddenly burst into a wry smile. How long will it take to know the answer? He is very resistant to fox’s vague answer.
"Well, I hope you won’t cheat me again!" Ye Han felt that the little fox was a little hateful, but he didn’t refuse her because he could feel that the strange beast breath from the fox was similar to his own body and vitality.
With these similarities, the little fox revealed those words when he first met him. Ye Han suddenly had an idea that maybe even he himself couldn’t believe. This little fox probably hides something with the life star.
Ye Han thinking about thinking about being obsessed with it. He can’t imagine that he can still have such a great discovery this time. Before that, he might be a star bearer to solve his own congenital cold pain, but now he knows another thing, that is, he is carrying a heavy life.